[World Photography Day] Top 10 Creative Photography  Tips 2020

[World Photography Day] Top 10 Creative Photography Tips 2020


Get your many positions in a single photo, from underwater photography, Learn 10 Creative Photography Tricks.

  • The selfie trick in Selfie is quite unique, it consumes two smartphones.
  • You can take one-of-a-kind creative photographs without even a penny of investment.

[World Photography Day] Top 10 Creative Photography  Tips 2020

Today is a special day for photography enthusiasts. Yes, today is World Photography Day. 181 years ago today, in 1839, photography began in the world on this day. On January 9, 1839, two researchers, Joseph Nicefour and Louis Dogger, discovered the Dogorotype process. In these 181 years the world of photography has changed radically.
Now people shoot big events with smartphones and whole movies are also being shot with smartphones. Your day will not go by without clicking a single photograph. Learn these ten most creative photography tricks to make your photos stand out from the rest.
Be careful when photographing
if your smartphone is equipped with a wonderful camera you do not need to think special before clicking, but yes, if your camera capacity is low you should take the help of some quality apps. There are heaps of such apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Also, while using the photo, keep using the features like beauty effect, bokeh effect, color tone of the phone.
1. Actor one, characters many :- View Photo
he trick is to move the phone from bottom to top by turning on panorama mode in the phone’s camera. This means that if you are taking a photo of a person, you have to start the phone from his feet and move it towards the head. Ask the person you are photographing to put their hands down first. Once the photo is clicked, ask them to straighten their arms 180 degrees. Ask to raise both hands when reaching the face in the same way. Hold the camera for a moment each time the hand position changes. Simply, when the photo is ready, the result will be very creative.
2. bukavorma Selfi :- View Photo
This trick is best to give the impression that you are a big fan or bookworm. To do this, turn on your phone’s selfie camera. If there is any dust or other debris on the lens, clean it. Now open a book and hang it on the lens like a roof so that the pages on both sides of the book are visible. Also see your face appear on the front end of the book. You can also look at the camera or any other direction. Turn on the camera’s bokeh effect to make this photo more effective.
3. Selfie in selfie :- View Photo
Selfie inside selfie and selfie inside it If you want to take a very creative selfie photo like this, you will need two cameras with front camera. Now first click a selfie from the phone. Then open that selfie and take another selfie showing it in the camera of another phone. Make sure your position is the same in both of these photos. Now turn on the front camera in another phone and take a new selfie in the same position again. This way you can increase the depth of photo-in-photo by taking as many selfies as you like.
4. Same Height Photo Trick :- View Photo
This trick is best for showing a person of two different heights with the same height. This trick can be used to show a tall building or other small or large object of same height. The trick is quite simple. Keep the low-height person closer to the front of the camera and the higher-height person a little farther away. Click the photo when both the people in the camera look the same height. In this trick, all the game angles remain. The more perfect it will be, the more interesting the photo will be.
5. Underwater photography :- View Photo
No tension if your phone is not waterproof. Try this trick. For this, take a large mug or glass of transparent glass that can hold the mobile. Turn the phone upside down in the glass so that the part with the camera is facing downwards and turn on the camera first. Then carefully let the glass sink deep into the water. Be careful that not a single drop of water enters the glass, otherwise it can damage the phone. Just click the photo with the other hand. You can also enjoy this fun with less waterproof cover.
6. Jumping photography :- View Photo
Turn on the selfie camera of the phone and start the timer to take wonderful photos of the man flying in the air. Then place the phone on the ground with the camera facing upwards. Also make sure that the top view seen in the camera frame is very beautiful and photogenic. Now, as soon as the timer is over, jump into the air from the top of the smartphone. Repeat this action until the photo appears in the same way you click when you’re in the air. Yes, make sure your feet do not fall directly on the phone when landing on the ground!
7. Foot on the camera :- View Photo
This trick is perfect for posing like watching a Rohit Shetty movie and walking in the air on camera. To do this go to the stairs and place the phone one step below. Turn on the camera and set the timer or turn on the clickable mode with finger or hand gestures. Then pose in such a way that one of your legs hangs over the camera. Just click and the photo will look cool. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
8. Hold on, don’t plant! :- View Photo
You don’t have to take any risk to click this thrilling photo as if you are hanging on the edge of a building and your life is in danger. Go to where the steps start, and lie down on your chest. Let one hand rest on the edge. Bring expressions as if you are desperate to save lives. And tell someone else to click your photo from the front. Then rotate that photo upside down, so you’re ready for a thrilling pose!
9. Attack of the Small :- View Photo
The fun of this unique trick is that even the smallest items can be shown in bald size. For this you sit a little away from the camera. Pause as if you are lifting Mahamahante Govardhan mountain. Then hang the small object that you want to support on your hand by making it bald and bring it close to the camera lens so that it looks as if it is supported on your hand. Just look at the perfect timing and click.
10. Photo with Tashan :- View Photo
This trick to take a very stylish photo is somewhat of a foot on the camera type. Turn on the front camera of the phone, set the timer and keep it down. Then look in front of the camera and give a new pose. Just prepare your photo with Tashan!

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